About Us

Love of diving and nature inspired the dream of building North Borneo Biostation Resort in one of the most biodiverse locations on our planet. Mystical Borneo with its tropical rainforest, unexplored coastline and deserted beaches appeared to be the Right Place. Biostation means that our tropical resort welcomes not only tourists but also scientists from all over the world to use our facilities for the research in biology, ecology, hydrophysics and other fields of Earth and Ocean Science. We really do have something to explore here and truly believe that this scientific neighbourhood will bring additional benefits to all our Guests.


The resort is built on 7 acres of secluded seafront land close to the northern tip of Malaysian Borneo. The area is really beautiful, facing the Sulu Sea and surrounded by palm trees and tropical forest. We have kilometres of secluded Borneo beaches around us graced with white sand and intriguing rock formations. The waters of Sulu Sea nearby are always warm (29-30C) which allows to swim or snorkel for hours. Snorkeling is good just within our peculiar rocks and we also have house coral reef just about 200m off the shore. Climate here is one of the best among all the tropical countries. It is neither very hot nor humid and rainy season is not that pronounced and long.

This is an ideal place for nature lovers who want to indulge into Nature free of annoying crowds, importunate TV news and shows…just to let your soul unwind and rest…

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