Dive Sites


dive sites


1. Tip of Borneo.

Astonishing reef several hundred meters long with huge diversity of hard and soft corals. Perfect for beginners and those interested in marine life. Picturesque landscape not only

underwater – the reef lays right in front of the famous Tip of Borneo.

Conditions: depth: 5-15 m., sometimes moderate currents, visibility 5-15m.

Marine life: diversity of corrals, macro, bluespotted stingray, sea turtle, banded snake, crocodilefish, lionfish, frogfish, cuttlefish, pinnate batfish, fusiliers, parrot fish, barracuda, etc.


2. Mysterious Shipwreck.

Despite our attempts to get an information we still do not know a story about this shipwreck but keep searching. Apparently, this was a cargo boat about 60m long – she lays on her right board at the depth of 26 meters. There is also nice coral reef nearby. Link to a short movie here:

Conditions: depth: 15-25 m., sometimes moderate currents, visibility 10-15m.

Marine Life: bat fish, lion fish, blue spotted stingrays, jacks


3. Tajau Laut Reef.

This is one of our closest reefs, which lies in front of the nearest village with the same name: Tajau Laut. This dive site is good for beginners and nightdives. Dispite the visibility issue, the corals here are in pretty healthy conditions.

Conditions: depth: 5-12m., sometimes poor visibility down to 2-3m due to river proximity, but beautiful soft corals make it worth diving anyway. Stone bars with sand valleys in between.

Marine life: variety of soft and hard corrals,  macro, bluespotted stingray, crocodilefish, lionfish, cuttlefish etc.


4. Palau Maliangin Kecil banggi reefs

is a little uninhabited and picturesque island with an amazing lagoon and fascinating sandy beaches. It is surrounded by non less attractive coral reefs. Here, after diving, we usually spend some time for swimming, relaxing and having our lunch.

Conditions: depth: 2-17m., visibility: 5-15m.

Marine Life: Hard and soft corrals, macro and first of all the diversity of Nudibranch, bluespotted stingray, lionfish, cuttlefish, razorfish, barracudas and all possible kind of coralfish.


5. Palau Maliangin Besar (East Side). cuttlefish picture

This is the bigger one of the two picturesque twin islands. The eastern dive site is somehow similar to Palau Maliangin Kecil with slightly different fish population. Giant lobsters could be found here.

Conditions: depth: 3-30m., visibility: 5-15m.

Marine Life: Lobster, hard corrals, macro, bluespotted stingray, lionfish, cuttlefish, razorfish, barracudas, different coralfish.