Discover scuba diving

DSD (discover Scuba Diving) is the perfect program for the people who don’t have any experience in scuba diving and want to discover the underwater world for the first time. Not as elsewhere, our program focuses on a complete learning experience, for that reason our Instructors will spend the first part of the program teaching you all whereabouts of diving and few useful skills to be more confident underwater. This first dive practice can be done just in front of our resort, a confined area which is really safe and protected, perfect for very first beginners. We also offer DSD from the boat. Then you will have two dives on one of the coral reefs nearby.

The program usually takes the hole morning and finish around afternoon depending of how fast you learn. No worries, our Instructor will take all time you need. No rushing, just fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE! In scuba diving we have one rule regarding flights. When we do diving activities during the day, it is recommended to wait 18 hours after last dive before taking any flight. Just make sure you schedule your trip accordingly! Of course, don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

Price: RM 260 -380 (depending on number of dives and destination, see pricelist)*

*Price per person

*** No diving certificate required! ***