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Why FREE diving and what does it mean “free”? Freeediving is relatively new branch of underwater sport. In fact, it was known since ancient times but it was a lot of professional divers who collected see food, weeds, sponges, shells including those with pearls. They were able to dive down to some 20-30m without any equipment, just on a single breath hold. Later, in XX century, valiant pioneers of new sport (Jacques Mayol, Enzo Maiorca, Umberto Pelizzari, etc.) started to methodically widen the limits of breath hold, underwater swimming and deep diving. Cooperation with physi?ians and physiologists, discovery and investigation of marine mammal reflex, incorporation of joga breathing and relaxation techniques allowed to tremendously develop ability of common human being to stay under water without breathing apparatus, like dolphins and wales have always been easy doing it. Modern records are unbelievable. Say, static breath hold record is 11:35min (Stéphane MIFSUD, 2009), dynamic record (swimming horizontally with fins) is 300m (Giorgos PANAGIOTAKIS, Mateusz MALINA, 2016), constant weight record (normal deep diving with fins) is 125m(!) (Alexey MOLCHANOV, 2013). But what is most important, all this activity eventually allowed to elaborate training techniques which enabled this sport to become accessible for the masses. There are now several professional associations, like AIDA, PURE APNEA, PADI, SSI, etc. who provide freediving courses on regular basis. Anyone can now learn quite quickly to hold the breath for several minutes and dive down to one-two dozen meters. And then, depending on the wish, either to devote yourself to conquering new records or just to enjoy that admirable feeling of freedom while gliding FREELY through underwater world…

Freediving at North Borneo Biostation

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