PADI Freediver course at North Borneo Biostation

For our vegan guests

Lately we are getting an increasing demand for vegetarian food from our guests. It is our pleasure to announce that we prepared a new menu for you! That is entirely vegan food inspired with a spirit of authentic North Borneo cuisine. We recommend it to try even to people who are not really vegetarian. It is just tasty! Please check our new menu on a restaurant page

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Wreck diving

A couple of years ago we already published here our short movie  about the first diving at the wreck nearby. Below is another footage with better visibility



Baby turtles

Newly hatched out baby turtles released to the sea. They swim first time in their life but do it so wonderful! Hatching was done by Kudat turtle conservation society.

Wild life pictures

Recently we had guests from Bulgaria, true nature lovers. One of them, David Davidov, appeared to be a great nature photographer who has made many beautiful pictures here and kindly presented them for our website and exposition. Please see some of them below and many more in our Gallery. Thank you David!

A perfect glider Instant... Artwork

Zebra dove with nestlings! ))

In one of our staff chalets she made a nest on a gas water heater! Two nestlings with her. Can not use hot shower until they learn to fly..:)



Hairy-nosed otters in our place!

Today we saw a family of 7 hairy-nosed otters on our beach! They are big and beautiful! It was not the first time of seeing them here but this time we managed to take some photos! :).

p1010404_1 p1010413_1 p1010398_1

See our Gallery for bigger pictures!

“hairy-nosed otter is one of the rarest otter species…”

Another movie about Labuk bay monkeys. Now it is a little kid (yellow!) of Silvered Langur. Link here

New Gallery pictures

We added recently some new pictures to our Gallery, underwater (diving) in particular. Please check!

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