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The waters within peculiar rocky formations of our shore have good snorkeling spots for beginners and even experienced snorkellers can find something new and unusual there. Protected from big waves by the reef these waters are a good shelter for the flocks of newly-hatched fishes, crabs, urchins etc. There is also quite a lot of algae on the rocks which could remind a bit Mediterranean scenery if not the tropical fauna around.
Further, about 200m off the shore, lies our very own house reef teeming with fish and corals. It is quite big, about 2 km long and 200m wide coming down to the sandy bottom about 7-8m deep at marine side. You will be able to see there Clown fish, Moorish idol, Trigger fish, Batfish, different Parrots and plenty of Butterfly fishes to name just a few. Turtles, Groupers and big Pelagics can also be met there. But the best snorkelling is sure near the islands during our boat trips – see short movie below.

Masks & Snorkels with Fins or Life jackets are available for rent, see price list.


Sulu Sea WildlifeSulu Sea Wildlife 2

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